The dismissed president of Tigray region appointed as an ambassador

The dismissed president of Tigray region appointed as an ambassador

The recently dismissed Tigray People’s Liberation Front chairman (TPLF) and president of the region, Abay Woldu is assigned to diplomatic post, in an appointment that is causing a stir. Abay Woldu, president of the Tigray region since 2010 and president of TPLF since 2012, has been removed from his post, stripped of his chairmanship and executive member position a month ago, accused of gross inefficiency and incompetency. However, in startling move, Abay has been awarded an ambassador job, according to the state media, Radio Fana, though it did not say to which country he has been designated. Informed sources say Abay has been nominated for the post of Ethiopian ambassador to the Netherlands where a new embassy opens its door to the public soon.“In Ethiopia, picking someone with no diplomatic experience to be an ambassador is not unusual, but awarding such post to someone that has been demoted is incomprehensible,” a retired career diplomat said. A political commentator, Gizaw Legesse reacted saying that how on earth someone found incompetent to run his region could represent his country. “I get discouraged when I observe our unjustified optimism about TPLF,” he wrote. A pro-government blogger said there is no surprise here, even though the party had issues with him, he is someone who has served faithfully the party for several decades. Abay joined the liberation front in the late 1970s and has served as member of the executive committees of the ruling collation and TPLF since 2000.  He has served as TPLF deputy for several years until his election as president in 2012, after the death of Meles Zenawi. Abay’s wife, former TPLF fighter, Tirfu Kidanemariam Gebrehiwet is Ethiopian ambassador to Australia.

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One thought on “The dismissed president of Tigray region appointed as an ambassador

  1. Tplf needs to get Abay Woldu out of the country before he creates havoc.
    Yes, Abay is incompetent. He is also a Tplf. Why an incompetent Tplf is appointed
    to represent our country is revealing of regard Tplf has for us all. That should be stopped.

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